the team

Hannah Louise Poston - poema clothing

photo credit: Lsqproduction

Hannah Louise Poston is the creator, designer, and sole seamstress of poema. She began making tango clothes for herself in 2009, when she had been dancing tango almost every night for two years and still couldn't find quite the right garments anywhere. When Hannah danced in her designs, she was swamped with requests from her fellow tangueras for handmade garments of their own, and poema was born.

In the poema shop, Hannah is responsible for hunting down and purchasing gorgeous fabric, modeling the clothes, and making each and every piece of poema clothing with her own hands. She is currently in graduate school at the University of Michigan, pursuing her MFA in poetry.

Learn more about Hannah here.

Joseph Leonardo - poema clothing

photo credit: Lsqproduction

Joseph Leonardo came on board in 2014 as the poema business manager. In the shop, he is responsible for accounting, shipping, and photography. Joe is also a celebrated tango DJ and the creator of the Tango Silent Films project.

Learn more about Joe here.